STS Tree service Mississauga, ON, Canada
Posted on March 31, 2016 / 992
Listing Type : Tree cutting
Location : Mississauga
Our 25 years of experience at STS Tree Services have allowed us to build the majority of our client base from repeat customers and customer referrals. Many of our clients have continued to use our services for 10 or more years because they appreciate the quality of our work, our attention to detail and our 5-Star cleanup.
We proudly offer the following services for our clients:
Tree Removal – Our experienced climbers can safely remove large and small trees.
Tree Stump Removal – We grind the stump down one foot below grade allowing you to grass over or build over the area.
Tree Pruning, Shaping and Dead-Wooding – Trees continually grow and evolve and therefore they require regular care to ensure they stay safe, healthy and aesthetically pleasing.
Shrub and Hedge Care – Trim and manicure to look their best; all plants require regular trimming to maintain their health and full appearance.
Tree and Shrub Planting – Whether you have a new landscape plan or you are replacing an old tree, we are experienced in planting all types of trees, shrubs and hedges.
Deep Root Feeding – DRF up to 2 trees for no charge if we provide you over $300 in other services; ideal for trees that are declining or showing signs of stress.
Permit Applications – Different municipalities have different by-laws governing the removal of trees. For example, in Mississauga you can remove up to 4 trees (with a trunk of 6 inches or more in diameter) per calendar year without a permit. On the other hand, in all boroughs of Toronto you require a permit to remove any tree with a trunk that is over 12 inches in diameter. If a permit is required in your case, we can prepare all the paperwork, including an Arborist Report and Re-Planting Plan, and submit it on your behalf to the appropriate Urban Forestry Office.
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