A-Star Tree Experts Mississauga, ON, Canada
Posted on March 11, 2016 / 1108
Listing Type : Tree cutting
Location : Mississauga

A-Star Trees Experts Inc. provides exclusive tree services by trained Certified Arborists.  A-Star Tree Experts Inc. is fully insured, with an extensive truck policy, property policy, and equipment insurance.  We carry WSIB.  Clearance certificates and proof of insurance are available upon request.

In our 6th year of business, A-Star Tree Experts Inc. provides professional tree services including tree pruning, tree removal, tree fertilizing, stump removal, hedge trimming, and organic fertilizing.

We have five large trucks to assist our special teams in tree fertilizing including deep root fertilization, aerial support, general tree pruning, and stump grinding.  When planning for development, A-Star Tree Experts Inc. will deal with everything from by-laws for tree protection to urban tree removal.  We will write arborist reports, install temporary tree hoarding, and document trees throughout the development process.  A-Star Tree Experts Inc. will even install grass over the area where your tree was removed, leaving a clean environment.


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